#KickRocksCancer: Because Breast Cancer Sucks

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Breast cancer sucks. Not only does the disease itself suck, so does the fear, confusion, mounting medical bills and the myriad other emotional, physical and financial side effects that come with it. Last year, my mother and older sister were diagnosed with breast cancer within a month of each other. I can't tell you how scary that was (and sometimes still is) but they're a couple of strong chicks with a strong and supportive family. We'll crush this thing… together.

My mom, sisters and I telling cancer to #KickRocks

Thanks to the Air Force, my sister has been blessed to have great healthcare and insurance that covers almost everything. My momma? Not so much. Early on in this journey, we were shocked to find out just how much her insurance didn't cover and lemme tell you, this crap is expensive. One (one!!!) chemo treatment costs close to $3000. That's just chemo. There's also, oncologist visits, surgeries, pain meds, meds to combat a bajillion side effects, etc. Those all cost money and the insurance company was all like "we ain't got it". #AintNoMoGreenBeans

But sometimes, a craptastic situation leads to something good. One day, while complaining about the lack of coverage, my sister and I realized that there were likely other people who were going through the same thing; struggling to find a way to pay for the treatment that could save their lives, and #KickRocksCancer was born.

#KickRocksCancer will provide funds to cancer patients whose current health care coverage may not be sufficient or who may be a candidate for alternative options not covered by insurance. Lack of funds shouldn't be the reason someone doesn't get potentially life saving treatment. It just shouldn't.

We all know that there are many amazing organizations that exist to help find a cure for and support individuals and families who are dealing with cancer. #KickRocksCancer is just another small way that we can help individuals in need.


Click on the image above to donate to #KickRocksCancer. The stress of not having to worry about paying for one’s healthcare is a blessing! Your donation will directly impact the lives of cancer patients and their families. Spread the word!


What say you? Have you or a loved one been affected by cancer? Let's talk about it in the comments!



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  1. I wish I didn't have a story but like many black women I do. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Similar to your Mom she didn't have great insurance. Thankfully the state of Maryland has an amazing program that took care of the cost. As a result she had a single mastectomy and man chemo treatments. In 2012 she was declared breast cancer free and still is.

    My mother in law is also a breast cancer survivor. Each year we do the Race for the Cure together as 1 single family.

  2. You already know…I hate that they have to go through this fight. But I know this test will be their testimony and we will be able to celebrate ten-fold. God bless Lenore for still giving back and thinking of others even in the midst of going through her own treatments. I'll definitely be sharing this.

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