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I don’t know about your children, by mine love Legos.


Seriously. They didn’t even notice me taking their picture…

Actually, love might be putting it too mildly. They’re kinda obsessed. Now, hubby and I may be partially to blame here, I mean, we did buy them The Lego movie (I still find myself randomly singing ‘everything is awesome’), Lego video games and about a bajillion teeny tiny Lego pieces. But let me tell you something… when your vulnerable bare foot makes contact with a Lego, you will scream, curse and maybe even cry a little. And if you’re me, you’ll frantically search the interwebs for a way to keep those jokers off the floor.

Of course, there are perfectly good pre-made lego tables available for your purchasing pleasure but, I’m cheap fiscally conservative and wanted something my kids wouldn’t grow out of quickly.


I decided to take the DIY route and create my own and because we’re such good friends, I’m gonna tell you how you too can impress your children with your master building skills. Behold:

Here’s what you’ll need:


DIY Lego

1. (1) Ikea ‘LINNMON’ tabletop, white $5.99

2. (4) Ikea, ‘ADILS’ legs, $3.50 each (it’s okay if you quietly curse Ikea for selling legs individually. I did.)

3. Lego base plates. You have options here but I used 2 of the large grey ones at $15.99 each.

4. E600 glue (you can find this at any craft or home improvement store)

That’s it! This’ll cost you less than $60 and some elbow grease.


1. Follow the instructions included with your table/legs to assemble them. It’s easy, I promise.

2. Decide how you’ll arrange the base plates. Mark your placement in pencil if you need a little help keeping things straight.

3. Once you’ve decided on placement, glue the base plates to the table. E-600 is pretty permanent so be careful with this step.

4. Put some books or something else heavy on top of the base plates and let the glue set for a day. Your children will not like the waiting but they’ll deal.

5. Watch in amazement as your kids use this table to build Lego cities with intricate back stories that include President Obama, President Lincoln and movie theaters. That last part could just be my kids though. Enjoy!


What say you? Would your kiddos enjoy this DIY Lego table? How do you corral unruly toys?


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