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It’s September and the first official day of fall is right around the corner (it’s the 22nd in case you’re wondering). I has the sads. I’m not looking forward to the cold weather or gloominess of fall and winter and neither is my skin. My skin is pretty thirsty year round, but it gets real disrespectful when the temps drop.

Luckily, I have a recipe for an amazingly moisturizing  DIY lotion that you can whip up right in your own kitchen. It’s full of all kinds of skin loving goodness like shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil and you can customize it to fit your skins needs. Let’s get started:

DIY Coco-Shea Lotion | The Style Medic

What you’ll need:

3 oz shea butter

2 oz grapessed oil (I was out so I used almond oil)

1 oz coconut oil

1.5 oz emulsifying wax

16 oz aloe vera juice

1 tbsp vegetable glycerin

2 small pots

1 glass measuring cup

Stick blender


Customize it!

The awesome thing about this DIY lotion is that it’s completely customizable. If there are specific oils/butters that you’ve found work better for you, feel free to swap ’em out. I sometimes use cocoa butter instead of shea or I’ll use half cocoa and half shea. Just depends on what I have on hand. You could even add a few drops of your fave essential oil for scent (I love the scent as is though).  For the colder weather, I’ll also add some vitamin E oil for a little extra hydration. Just keep the measurements and method the same and all will be well.

*Note: Even though all of my butters, oils and such are all natural, the pots and measuring cups/spoons I use when working with them are separate from the ones I use when cooking. If you want to use what’s already in your kitchen, do you boo!


DIY Coco-Shea Lotion | The Style MedicOver medium-low heat, melt the butter, oils and wax in your glass measuring cup placed in a pot of boiling water.

DIY Lotion | The Style MedicIn a separate pot, gently warm the aloe vera juice and glycerin mixture.

DIY Coco-Shea Lotion | The Style MedicOnce your butter/oil mixture has melted and warmed, add both mixtures to a bowl (or directly to your container if it’s large enough to mix in).

*Note: Make sure that both mixtures are around the same temperature before you combine them, otherwise, they won’t combine well.

DIY Coco-Shea Lotion | The Style MedicAllow the mixture to cool (uncovered); I’m impatient so I stick mine in the freezer for a while. The mixture will separate a bit (see above) but as long as everything was warm when you combined them, they should come together well when blended.

DIY Coco-Shea Lotion | The Style Medic

Blend with stick blender for 2-3 minutes. If you don’t have a stick blender you could use a cake mixer or a whisk (and get a serious workout). As the mixture cools it will thicken to a creamy, white lotion.

That’s it! Now go forth and moisturize your situation!

What say you? How do you keep your skin hydrated in the colder months? 

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  1. K


    I am looking forward to the colder weather! Seville has been super hot all summer long and l think l need a break. In winter, l usually just use baby oil in addition to a Shea lotion. I have awfully dry skin. I would try this..but l am lazy 🙂

    • Noooo! I need the warmth to stay LOL I’m cracking up at “I would try this..but l am lazy”. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Laura


    What’s in the emulsifying wax?

    • The one I used is vegetable based. The info says “emulsifying wax made from naturally occurring fats and esters”.

  3. This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Sounds awesome. I am looking for homemade/natural options for the colder weather. My little one gets so dry and itchy in the drier weather. I want something that will not only moisturize, but heal without adding medication that will burn or irritate broken skin. Adding this one to the list!

    • I’ve had friends who’ve used shea butter on their little ones eczema and said it worked great. Sometimes less is best with sensitive skin.

  5. Tamika


    Thank you! I love making my own products!

  6. Tia


    Thanks for sharing! Keeping my face moisturized in the winter is super tough. I used an awesome MAC product but it was expensive! I’m def looking for alternatives. Would this be good for facial use?

    • I don’t use it on my face too often because my face tends to get oily. If your face is dry though, I think it’ll work just fine.

  7. Great post. Reminds my of random days I walk into the house and hubby has his set up out making our shea butter. Yep, my hubby is the one!

  8. I use to live in DC so I know about the cold weather but I live in Los Angeles, so thank God, no more cold weather! Never though about making my own lotion or moisturizer! Looks great! I need to dry because my skin is very dry and needs lots of moisture

  9. Joanna


    I would’ve never thought to make my own lotion. Definitely will try it out. Thanks.

  10. Ramona


    I’ve never made my own lotion. This looks like an interesting project. I’m not sure where I would find all the ingredients. Did you get them at a natural foods store?

    • It’s actually pretty easy. I get pretty much everything from vitamin shop or GNC except the butters. You can just click on the links to get everything you need to make it from Amazon.

  11. Yes, yes, yes, in the the face. I’m taking this recipe and running with it. I’m going to see if I can actually manage to make this lotion.

    God knows my skin gets really dry in the winter.
    Mimi Green recently posted…#FATSNACKS FRIDAY: Brooklyn EatsMy Profile

    • LOL If anyone can do it, you can. Thirsty skin is the worst.

  12. Ty


    That is for the tip. I’m going to try this!

  13. Elle


    I really need to try this. Especially for dry areas on my heel and my winter skin. Thank you for the DIY recipe.

    • You should totally give it a try; it’s really moisturizing. Thanks for stopping by!

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