The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport Has Magic

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DriveShop gave me the opportunity to drive the 2015 Hyundai Sonata for a bit to facilitate this review. All opinions and claims of witchcraft expressed here are my own.


We recently had the opportunity to test out the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport and lemme tell you… it has magic. 

2Aside from the niceties like push button start, SiriusXM radio and blind spot detection, this model impressed me with the hands free trunk opener. It's the little things. 


Yeah, I know there are vehicles that you can use your foot to open the trunk/liftgate but this… All I had to do was stand there. Literally stand near the trunk of the car with the key on me and after a few beeps the trunk just magically opened up. #Sorcery


This feature came in super handy while I was out grocery shopping and picking up Father's Day gifts for Hubs. 

Speaking of Hubs, he actually drove the Sonata more than I did and while he said that he expected more power from a sport, he really enjoyed driving it. 

I enjoyed not having to shell out a bajillion dollars for gas. A full tank of gas will get you just over 500 miles. That means I could take a shopping trip to NYC and come back home without stopping for gas. Okay, this scenario assumes that there's no traffic like, at all, but you get the point. 


The Sonata also has BlueLink which is a safety feature that helps reduce distracted driving by doing things like acting as a navigator, sharing your location and connecting to an operator in case of emergencies. You can also use the voice to text feature as well as the ge fence which sends an alert if the vehicle goes outside of your specified boundaries (perfect for parents of teens). 

Overall, I was super impressed with the Hyundai Sonata Sport.


What say you? What 'magic' features do you wish your car had? 


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