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Shoe Love: A ShoeDazzle Giveaway

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Fact: I love shoes.

A new pair of shoes makes me feel all giddy inside. I put them on and strut around my bedroom like I'm on a runway at fashion week. A fly pair of shoes give me all kinds of Beyoncé 'Feeling Myself' swag. I see shoes the way some people see paintings or sculptures; they’re wearable little works of art.

Shoe Love: A ShoeDazzle Giveaway | The Style Medic

I don't even know how many pairs of shoes I own. Even if I did, a girl just can't go around openly sharing her shoe number. That's deeply personal and I won't have y'all judging me.

I was recently making room for new shoes rearranging my closet when I noticed that I have a lot of hot pink shoes boxes. Clearly my love for shoes has translated to a love for ShoeDazzle. I've been rocking with them since they hit the scene in 2009 and Kim Kardashian was the face of the brand. This relationship is deep and it's real.

Shoe Love: A ShoeDazzle Giveaway | The Style MedicShoeDazzle sells bags and clothing too but my vote is always gonna be pro shoe. {Photos by Veronica C.}

Since we're still in the month of love and such, I'm partnering with ShoeDazzle to share the shoe love and give one of you a chance to win a  credit worth $39.95.

  1. Use the widget below to enter
  2. You can earn extra entries by heading over to ShoeDazzle and leaving a comment on this post letting me know what you'll buy if you win.


This giveaway is sponsored by ShoeDazzle.  All opinions are my own.



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  1. Look here, shoes are my love drug. You can never have enough that is for sure. Options, I need options and I love options. The cut outs are killing the game.

    • LOL @ “love drug” but I totally understand. I have several styles with cutouts so I clearly agree ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I am a shoe snob. I love shoes!! I can't say that enough. It's hard, however, finding shows that are pretty and comfy! I do love cut outs in my shoes. Open toes are cute too.

  3. …..I'd love to win the Imani by Scene.

  4. Aisha


    I have always wanted to join Shoe Dazzle cause they have the cutest shoes, but I simply don't wear heels any more. ? I really do love thier stuff tho– great post… Pretty shoes

    • They’ve got some really cute flat and casual options too. They also have bags and just added clothes (though I haven’t tried the clothes yet).

  5. I tweeted again today but copied the wrong thing in the link area before submitting. The below is what it should have been.

  6. Shoes are my weakness! I've used shoe dazzle before and have a positive experience.

    • They’re like krytonite! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Allison


        cuz I be all up on dat kryptonite! Straight up on dat kryptonite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I need all of these shoes #thatisall #pleaseandthankyou

  8. Allison


    OMG. Seriously. Am I supposed to say more than that? Like, I want to share, cuz I want to show the love and all… howeverbutcomma… I kinda dont wanna add any more to the fierce competition… so I'm all torn right now… lol! Why did you do this to me!?! You *know* I'm supposed to be on a shoe diet, trying to move and thangs!

    • I cannot be held accountable for any of the temptation. I understand a shoe diet… actually, I don’t. Either way, they’d be free shoes so that doesn’t count. Right?

  9. Josephine


    lemme tell you what I love bout SD: they got a selection for all of my personalites! And I got the different boxes to prove it!

  10. Allison


    *side eye* You ain't slick. Ok, you kind are, but I *see* what you're doing here. You don't want me to be great. You might be leading me down the path to LOOK great, by clicking on the SD site, and seeing that they are having an amzing Promo, with 75% off right now, got me peeping the building block for my ahtfit for the Queen B show and all… So what if those Dojo's will only be $10? Or those Meresa's will be adoptded-did-ed, NO MATTAH, WUT! Even if I win, you dun tricked me into a multiple sale, which I ain't even got room for, btw… I'm telling Mommy, and that is all. (While I'm acting like I didn't do ALL of the entries, tho! LMBO! #confessionsofanaddict)

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