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Get Fly on a Dime: 10 Reasons You Should Consider Thrift Shopping

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If you’ve been hanging with me for a while, then you already know that I am a HUGE fan of thrift shopping. There’s still a good amount of attitude around thrift shopping (even though Macklemore made a catchy song about it). Some of the opinions I’ve heard are:

  • I don’t want to buy/wear clothes that someone else has already worn
  • Thrift stores are for poor people
  • Thrift stores (and the clothes sold in them) smell
  • Shopping at thrift stores will give people the impression that I’m poor
Here’s what I have to say to that

People return unwashed worn clothes to department stores ALL THE TIME and the stores do what? Slap ’em on a rack and sell ’em…for full price
A 2012 study found that 20% of people shop in thrift stores regularly… I call those people ‘the cool kids’
I have to agree with this one. I have yet to find a thrift store that did not have a distinct…aroma. But that’s why we wash clothes. All of my thrifted finds go straight to the cleaners or the wash after purchase
These will probably be the very same people that are dying to know how you got those Kate Spade sandals for $14. #Pow

I only discovered the awesomeness that is thrift shopping in the last year or so. I wasn’t avoiding thrift shopping; I just didn’t know how mind bogglingly (is that a word? Probably not) great it was. I really think that if you try it, you’ll love it. With all that said, here are 10 reasons to head to the thrift shop and “pop some tags”.

#10. Vintage is ALWAYS in style!

Fashion is known for repeating itself, so the thrift store is a great option for vintage and retro pieces to add to your wardrobe. Thrift stores are often jam packed with REAL vintage items (not the vintage-inspired items you might see at department stores anf ast fashion chains). If you’re worried about quality, fret not! Vintage items are often of better quality and construction than the fast-fashion of today. Think of it this way, they’ve survived one person already and still have value.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Thrift Shopping | The Style Medic

Vintage silk skirt & Purse

#9. Be YOUnique!

Thrift stores are a cornucopia of unique and one of a kind finds. This can be attributed to the fact that a good amount of thrift store clothes are from the ghosts of closets past but the likelihood of another woman walking into the room wearing the same exact vintage sequin dress you have on is slim to none. When you shop at vintage and thrift you’ll have two things, a great look and a great story, because I know you’ll be dying to tell people just how much you got for $10. I’m definitely a fan of shopping at the mall and department stores too, don’t get me wrong, but mixing thrift finds with trendy, brand name pieces allows you to personalize your look and lessen the chance that you’ll run into your twin in public.

#8. The thrill of the hunt

Sometimes I go to the thrift store with a specific item in mind but most of the time, I just show up with an open mind. Thrift store inventory changes just about every day making one of the most exciting things about thrift shopping the fact that you never know what you might find. I’ve gone in expecting to pick up some jeans for a DIY project and walked out with a $20 Burberry skirt. I’ve picked up dresses just because I thought that they were cute only to discover that the same dress is currently on sale for $150. When I’m browsing the thrift store it’s kinda like I’m Indiana Jones searching for some rare and valuable artifact.

#7: Variety is the spice of life

Whether you’re shopping for clothes, shoes, purses, or accessories (thrift stores are one of the best places to find cute accessories on the cheap), the thrift store is a great way to find them all in one place. Thrift stores have everything from appliances to fur coats so you could get a new look for you and your home. One stop shopping indeed!

10 Reasons You Should Consider Thrift Shopping | The Style Medic

Thrifted Shirtdress

#6: Better chance you’ll find your size

If you’re either on the smaller or larger size it can be pretty hard to find your size in department stores. Most stores get a limited quantity of certain sizes and they tend to sell out quickly. You won’t have to worry about that at the thrift store! You’ll find a wide variety of clothes and shoes in an even wider variety of sizes.

#5: Discover Your Style

Thrifts stores are a great place to discover your style (or try out a new one)! Whether your style is classic, vintage, punk or colonial lady, the thrift store is the ideal place to shop because they have clothing in every style imaginable! Thrift stores are also a great place to try out trends on the cheap. Feel free to experiment with colors or styles that you wouldn’t usually buy. You might discover something that makes you look and feel awesome and if you don’t and you only wear those printed pants once, it’s no biggie cuz they were only 5 bucks anyway. You could also donate it back…it’s the circle of life!

#4: Get your creative juices flowing!

There is beauty in some of those less than fab thrift finds. If an item has potential, maybe a hot print but an awful shape, you can either break out the sewing machine or have the item professionally altered. The point is, you can turn a less than fab piece into something awesome with a little creativity and patience.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Thrift Shopping | The Style Medic

Thrifted dress (worn as top) and Clutch

#3: Find the Perfect Fit

Since clothes at the thrift store cost way less than what you might find at a retail store, you can use the money you saved to have items tailored and create the perfect fit for your body.

#2: Look Good. Do Good.

When you donate your gently used items to a thrift stores, you’re supporting a good cause and giving back to the community. Goodwill stores provide support for the disabled while the Salvation Army donates its profits to charities. Some thrift store donations can also be tax deductible.

#1: Save Money!

The best and most awesome reason to shop at thrift stores… Keep more money in your pocket! Because clothes, accessories, and home goods are much less expensive at the thrift store, thrifting can save you a lot of money (as long as you don’t go bargain crazy). Bonus for my married divas: Hubby can’t really complain about your shopping if you only spent $10 on a boatload of stuff! #Winning


What say you? Are you thrift store chic or do you need more convincing?

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  1.  I was a thrift junkie in my teenage years. As a mood so I have it done so as much.  I do more donating then shopping these days. I have found designer goods and items with the price tags still on them. 

  2. Laura


     I am definitely thrift store chic! I thrift shop for clothes and home. Thrifting, like any other shopping, is better when you know what to look for and how to get the best deals and it's just as easy to figure out. Just know what you want and ask someone who works or shops there for some pointers.  

  3. I have tried thrift shopping but I fail miserably. I've pretty much given up.

  4. Mimi


    It took me a minute to get on the thrift shopping band wagon but I am hooked. It is the thrill of the find that keeps me going back for more. I tell people who look down at thrifthing that they only need to find that one thing and they will be hooked for life, that's what happened to me!

  5. larissa


    These are some awesome tips and advice. I love the idea of shopping at thrift stores- to me they are just so much fun! I love being able to find unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere and often times, you can find some wonderful vintage pieces for a fraction of the price of a boutique store! Thanks for sharing!

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