#TallGirlProblems: 6 Things We Probably Don’t Want to Hear

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I'm tall. Like pants labeled "long" are still too short kinda tall (shout out to stores that sell 'tall' and 'extended inseam' options). I had my fair share of height related awkward moments during my adolescent years, but eventually grew (pun intended) to embrace the fact that I was vertically blessed. As I got older, the only thing that I'd still struggle with was my choice of footwear. There used to be a time where I felt Kimora-Lee-and-Russell-Simmons-pfI couldn't wear certain shoes because at a whopping 5'11" (and 1/4 thankyouverymuch) I figured I should probably bypass the 5" platforms because, well, I'm already tall. Those days are (mostly) behind me now with the only time I choose shorter heels being when I'm out with my 5'8" husband. Yes, I married outside of my height.

There are times though when a particularly fantastic pair comes into my life and I must rock them no matter the circumstance. In this case, we just walk around getting our Kimora and Russell on (me minus the exposed mammories and him minus the baseball cap). He doesn't mind.

Anyway, in the spirit of love and all that is good in the world, I wanted to share some comments that are generally not well received by #TeamTall. If you're guilty of any of these, stop it. Stop it now.

  1.  *stares* "Wow, you're tall!" Really? Thanks for telling me. Usually followed by…
  2. "Do you play basketball?" Sir/Madam, I am entirely too uncoordinated to play basketball and let's not even discuss the possibilty that I could break a nail.
  3. "Are you a model?" Okay, this one isn't so bad actually. Thank you for the compliment, but no.
  4. "Will you grab that *insert item* off of that shelf for me?" I feel like I perpetuate this one as I generally oblige these requests. I blame my TallgirlProblemmother who at a towering 5'4" is always having me grab things off of high shelves. Side note: Why'd she put it up there if she can't reach it? Lemme stop before I get a whoopin'.
  5. "Why are you wearing heels?" I'm sorry, was that outlawed? -_-
  6. "How tall are you?" This is my least favorite #TallGirl question. Seriously, once I give you this information, what will you do with it? Are you gonna play the numbers? Cuz if you win I want half.

Before I end my little rant, I want to share a story with you. A tale of #TallGirl foolery.

Last week, I was walking through Macy's mindin' my business when I saw a guy walking toward me. I was already on guard cuz dude had prison tats on his face (his face!) and I noticed him looking my way. Now, I'm from New York and we are not a trusting people but I have been trying to adopt a more warm and fuzzy way of handling folk. This may not have been the right time for that. Enter the longest escalator ride ever:

Dude: Damn, you're tall!

Me: *Looks down at him and smiles weakly*

Dude: *notices wedding ring* Oh, you're married? That's too bad, you're the perfect height for me. Just what I need… a nice tall thing.

Me: *blank stare*

Dude: How long you been married? You happy?

Me: *visibly annoyed* Yes, very.

Dude: Oh, well congratulations.

Me: Thank you *walks away so quickly, I didn't even stop at the Mac counter*

Dude: *shouting after me* Bye tall one!




I can't y'all. I just can't. #DoneAndDone

What say you? Are you #TeamTall? What crazy things do people say to you?


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  1. Drea


    I’m certainly not tall but I totally understand your frustration with ppl pointing out the obvious and/or telling you what to wear!

  2. This is hilarious to me cause I am definitely on #TeamTall and I HATED always being the tallest one in all my classes growing up! But I definitely embrace it. I, too, was encouraged to "do something" with my height and try out for basketball…embarrassment!

  3. JDub


    First young Lady, if you’re going to cast aspersions on my height…or lack thereof…gittid right! I am a whole 5 feet and 3 inches tall!!! Pbblt!!! When I used you, your sister or your father as retrieval units, it was likely an item someone else placed beyond my ability to reach from a flat footed stance. Then, there’s a little matter of you and your sisters placing an elbow on my shoulder, peering down at me and saying “Hey shortie!”. That, most assuredly could not go unanswered. So, Ha and Ha! I remember a conversation with a woman who was absolutely astounded watching your sister walk in heels. I was momentarily taken aback before I explained that I’d taught my daughters to be proud of their height. She told me she understood that, but, wanted to know how did she learn to stalk like a lioness. In flats, bare foot or in 6 inch heels, a Lady is always going to be a Lady. Now, start charging those random folk who ask you to reach items that are beyond their reach.

  4. Marisol Correa


    OMG… YES!!! Tell em Te! 😉 

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