Fab Friends: GRAMMY Nominated Recording Artist and Songwriter Carolyn Malachi

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Carolyn Malachi is not only a  GRAMMY Nominated Recording Artist, (her hit song and hands down my favorite "Orion" was nominated in 2011's Best Urban/Alternative Performance category)  and Songwriter, she's also a Fab Fashionista whose style is just as dope as her music. Never heard of her? Shame on you. Head over to YouTube and get yo life.


I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn several years ago and have since been in awe of her journey. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with this uber talented beauty to talk about her style, her music and what's next for #TeamCarolyn. I am both proud of and inspired by her and can't wait to see what she creates next.


SM: How would you describe your style?

CM: Statement pieces and comfort items comprise my wardrobe. On this beautiful Baltimore Saturday I am wearing my great-grandfather's grey fedora, a sheer grey Zara top, orange harem pants, and striped Tom's. Accessories include orange sunglasses, gold bracelets, a vintage rhinestone ring from Nice, fresh water pearl earrings crafted by a Chinese artisan, and a hand-made necklace by my good friend and epic jewelry designer Carlos Vera.


SM: How does your own music influence your style?

CM: The GOLD album is a collection of personal stories turned into breathtaking music. After recording and delivering those stories to the world, I still remain a storyteller. Like my music, my style balances form, function, and flare. 



SM: What is your biggest style challenge?

CM: Ugh. Shoes! I have big feet, I love shoes, I have minimal time to shop and, on the rare occasion that I actually venture into a shoe store, I seldom find in my size the styles and brands I actually like. At times, shoe shopping feels like Messin' with Sasquatch – a big joke!


SM: Have you always embraced your individuality when it comes to style?

CM: Good question. Yes, but out of fear. Confidence issues lead me to a now-defunct personal style comprised of oversized shirts and sweatpants. Now that I know and value who I am, I comfortably experiment with fashion.


SM: What item(s) of clothing make you feel most confident?

CM: Flowing tops, leggings, vintage gowns, ear climbers, chunky rings, stilettos – I am prone to rocking any combination of these. The GOLD album inspired an entire fashion line – the Krystalrae Fall 2013 collection. I wear that brand! Supporting the work of other driven, skilled artists brings me joy.


SM: Where are your favorite places to shop for Fab items on a budget?

CM: Hands down, when on a budget, consignment shops, artisans, and indie boutiques are the way to go. Personal favs: Clothes Encounters (DC), Bruma Lake Fleamarket (Johannesburg), and Dalaga (NYC).


SM: Do you have any advice for women who want to hone in on their personal style and look fly on a dime?

CM: Begin with what you know about yourself. Find pieces in which you feel comfortable and confident. Need help? Enlist the help of knowledgeable  friends like the Style Medic. Know who to call for certain occasions. For formal events like red carpets and interviews, I call Styled by Hu. Even when asking for help, demand absolute comfort.


Carolyn and I cheesin’ it up.

SM: What are you up to in the world? Where can folks find you on the web?

CM: The Tribe (my incredible fans) have given the GOLD album so much love! My band and I are hitting the road this Autumn. See upcoming tour dates here. Also, now that the album is out, I hope Recording Academy members will consider the GOLD album during this year's ballot season. Bringing home GRAMMY GOLD – now, that's a statement! Find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and Spotify. Order the album atCarolynMalachi.com; I will sign it and send it to you. 

Check out Carolyns new hit "All Right" 

Find Carolyn and her dope music here:












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  1. Christine


    Ahhhh LOVE errrthang about this interview and that video…FIRE! I'm so happy for all that Carolyn is doing and where success is leading her! #TeamCarolyn

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