5 Great Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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Fall is almost here! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. I am so not a fan of cold weather so I can’t really say I’m looking forward to the chillier temps ahead. I can say, however, that I’m looking forward to fall shopping, because…shopping!

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to go broke to transition from summer to fall. Fall is one of those wonky seasons (like spring) where it’s blazing hot one minute and freezing cold the next.  So it’s a great time to figure out how to re-mix those summer staples.

Here are a few tips to take a little summer with you into fall:

Don’t believe the hype: We’ve all heard the fashion rule: You can’t wear white after Labor Day. Lies! If Olivia Pope and those BANGIN’ white suits, trench coats and let’s not forget, white hat are any indication, that is one rule we can (and should) break.

Think in layers: Again, with fall comes unpredictable temps. So it’s a good practice to layer. For example, layer a sleeveless dress over a button down shirt and tights or rock a blazer and riding boots with your maxi dress. Don’t pack away those tanks and tees! You can wear a cardigan or blazer over even the thinnest summer tops.


H&M Stretch Shirt, $22 | H&M Sleeveless Dress, $42  (plus size option HERE) |N.Y.L.A Booties, $55 | Calvin Klein Tote, $122



ASOS Curve Pencil Dress, $67.71 | ASOS Curve Body Con Dress, $54.17 | American Eagle Moto Jacket, $100 | Two Lips Overt the Knee Boots, $100

Accessorize wisely: A well placed scarf adds a layer of warmth while still being fashionable. You can even use them as head wraps in place of a hat (or to hide the fact that you didn’t feel like doing your hair).


Top it off: When the cooler temps hit, your outfit is anchored by one thing… Your coat. So why not make it a fab one? Outerwear is one of those items that you should invest a little more in. You’re looking for a quality piece to keep you warm (and fly) through the next few months and beyond.

Make it pop with fall’s hottest colors: Here’s some Summer to Fall outfit and color inspiration.

Pantone Fall 2014According to Pantone® these are the hot colors for Fall

What say You? What are your tips on transitioning from summer to fall?


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