Spring Cleaning Without Losing Your Mind

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With Spring just around the corner (thank goodness) we’re all busy getting our wardrobes, cars and homes ready for the break in weather. If you’re the designated spring cleaner in your house (I know I am) then you probably aren’t looking forward to the task of getting your home in shape. Well, don’t fret! It doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are 10 tips to spring cleaning home without losing your mind: 

Spring Cleaning

I can’t promise you this much enjoyment but at least it won’t be terrible

  1. Start with a plan: Make a list of everything you’d like to accomplish. Go through each room and determine what, if any, cleaning and storage supplies you’ll need to get the job done. This cuts down on delays.
  2. Clean one area at a time: Avoid getting off task by breaking down your plan by room and finishing one room before starting on another
  3. Clean top to bottom: Since you’ll probably kick up loads of dust and crumbs, start with things up high like clearing cobwebs or dusting the tops of shelves and end with sweeping or vacuuming.
  4. De-Clutter: Get rid of or repurpose things that you don’t need or want. Be ruthless about what gets tossed
  5. Save money with DIY cleaners; things like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda can be used instead of harsh chemicals
  6. Organize closets: Organized closets not only look good, they’ll also shave time off your morning routine by making it easier to put together outfits every day.  Click here for tips on how  to detox your closet
  7. Multi task: I find cleaning therapeutic; it doesn’t require much thought so I can just zone out and let my mind wander. If you find cleaning less than appealing, you can make it more enjoyable by doing things like making a phone call or listening to music or an eBook. 
  8. Don’t neglect the walls: Walls are on of the most visible things in your home. Clean stains off walls with mild dish detergent and warm water or repaint them altogether. If you’ve considered updating your wall colors, now would be a good time to make the switch
  9. Make sure your cleaners are clean: Get rid of moldy sponges, clean dirty mop heads and replace old worn brooms.
  10. Don’t forget to clean out dryer vents: Lint buildup in dryer vents can become a fire hazard


Once you’re all done getting it clean, you’ll want to keep it clean. Here are a few tips to do just that:

  1. Clean as you go: Avoid letting messes get out of control by cleaning as you go. Doing things like washing dishes as you cook and folding or hanging clothes after you wash them will help you avoid marathon cleaning in the future
  2. Make the bed: In the bedroom, making the bed first gives the room a more organized look and you’ll be more prone to keep the rest of the room clean
  3. Keep a schedule:  Set aside a little time each day to clean specific rooms. Use a basket to remove anything that doesn’t belong in that room, then organize the stuff that does belong

What say you? Is your home ready for spring? What other spring cleaning  tips do you have?


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  1. Great tip '' Save money with DIY cleaners'' …I usually use lemon mixed with water…The house smells so fresh after. Thank you!

  2. Spring cleaning without losing your mind great tips to impliment in my daily life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "Clean one area at time" – note to self 🙂 I often try to take on too much and end up getting overwhelmed. Great tips as usual. Thanks for a great list. 🙂

  4. Adanna


    Fabulous tips! I'm a huge fan of cleaning as I go along because it's not as overwhelming to clean up. 

  5. Like you I am SO ready for the Spring Season. This is a very useful list and I will be printing it off to use as I guide for my spring cleaning. Thank you so much for this post!

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