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I'm always on the lookout for a good deal. Besides the fact that I love to hunt for the lowest price, there are just some things that you don't need to pay full price for. Ever.

You already know that I'm a big fan of eBay (for both buying and selling items) but did you know that every day they feature items that have been DEEPLY discounted (between 20% and 90% off!) in their Daily Deals section? Whaaaat?! Sign me up! There are deals in just about every category from fashion, to tech, to home and garden and more. Looking for something specific? Just pop it in the search bar boo! Not only will you get a discount on already low prices, you'll also get free shipping!

{Go 'head… Treat.Yo. Self.}

Part of my eBay buying strategy is to make sure that I'm only buying from high rated sellers because ain't nobody got time for foolishness; with that said, I appreciate that the daily deals are from sellers who've been vetted by eBay so you know that you're not getting trash. The only catch with these deals is that they have limited quantities so you gotta pounce when you see something you love. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Check out some of the deals on my wish list:

[URIS id=4324]

I want to buy everything. Y'all pray for me.


What say you? Are you taking advantage of eBay Daily Deals? What are you gonna grab?

Check out today's deals and let me know in the comments!



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  1. Louida


    eBay is a great site to find deals!  I need to go back on their site and start searching for deals again.

    • Yes! I don’t buy anything without trying to beat the price on eBay first. 

  2. Stacie


    Can you belive I have never shoped on ebay? My hubbs is a huge fan though. Maybe I'll start checking into these daily deals.

    • What?! You’ve gotta give it a shot. With the buyer protection from PayPal, you’ve got nothin’ to lose. 


  3. My husband loves buying things on Ebay… I don't do it as much. I just see if he knows about this. Thanks for sharing…


    • I’m the eBay lover in my household LOL I bet he knows about the daily deals, but now you can give him your wish list 🙂 


  4. Tyra


    I wasn't aware of the Daily Deals on eBay, and I am scared to look because I, too, will want to buy everything. But those look like some great finds! Good luck!

  5. LaSHawn


    I haven't been on Ebay in so long! I always forget what great deals you can get on there! 

  6. JoAnna


    I haven't used ebay in such a long time! Didn't know they had a daily deals section.

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