The Look for Less: Polyvore Inspired

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Please excuse my recent absence. I could try to come up with some really profound and interesting reason that I haven't posted anything, but the truth is, I was in my feelings. I'm over myself now, so let's get back to biznass.

I was going about my daily task of trolling perusing blogs today and I found this Fab Polyvore set created by the lovely Keri of A Diva State of Mind. She had me at hello. Any-who, I loved the colors and textures of this set so much that I clicked though it to find out where I could purchase these Fab items. *Insert sound of tires screeching* Chile, my wallet AND my Husband would serve up all kinds of stank-ness if I attempted to spend what this set was worth (A total of $2,414).


Leather Jacket For Sophisticated Edginess

So my mission, and I did choose to accept it, was to recreate the look for less (and avoid a shopping induced divorce).

Here's what I came up with. I kept the jacket Keri chose because, well, I loved it and at $48 it really is a must. Though I loved the top she chose (and will likely purchase because that peplum is LIKE THAT), I wanted to do a little something different. My very sweet and fashionable Hubs got me this top from JCPenney and the little details work great with this set. The zippers on the shoulders set it off. While the shoes are no Loubies, they are no less Fab (but much less costly) and the triangle stud earrings play up the edginess of the jacket. I decided to go a little brighter with the bag and this Tory Burch number is giving me so much life. My set comes to a total of $398. That's a $2,016 savings! I'd say that's a look for less win!


That's what I do...

Many thanks to Keri for the inspiration!


What say you? How did I do? Would you go for the Splurge or the Save?


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  1. Great look for less!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Chrissy


    I LOVE IT!!! And I love how you’re always able to find equally chic outfits for a more “fiscally desirable” price ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joyce


    You did very well. The flavor is well maintained without funding a vacation for a divorce lawyer. You’re pretty good at this.

  4. RaniRo


    Hot! Hot! And more hotness!! T. Espi, once this wedding of mine is over in approximately 2 1/2 weeks, I WILL be getting my MIND RIGHT and focusing more energy on the closet. Fo’ sho!

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