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How to Organize Your Purse

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If you’re anything like me, you may or may not have a bazillion purses. I have a bag for every outfit, occasion and mood. It’s not an obsession, it’s a necessity… what you not gon’ do is judge me madam!

Anywho, in addition to being a fashion lover, I’m also a mama and that means that I have an insane amount of stuff in my purse at any given time. Exhibit A:

How to Organize Your Purse | The Style Medic

I’ve got pain reliever, stain remover, deodorant, Lysol (because germs), lotion, lip balm, lipstick, multiple notepads (I get my best ideas on the go), band aids and more. So. Much. More. This picture is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, when I was invited to return to ABC’s The Chew and give a tip to help fellow mama’s save time and get organized, I knew I had the perfect one.

If you switch out your bags as much as I do, you’re bound to forget something in the switch and whatever it is, you won’t realize how much you need it until you don’t have it (like my ponytail holder during zumba class, ugh). The solution: Pouches!

So. Friggin’. Simple.

Keep all your essentials organized in small pouches that can fit inside your larger purse. Exhibit B:

How to Organize Your Purse | The Style Medic

I stick all of my essentials into a pouch (I got this pretty little number from Michael’s for $4.99) so when I need to switch handbags, I can just grab the pouch and pop it into the new bag. You can even use a few pouches and organize them into different categories like: daytime, day to evening and evening. Check out this clip from The Chew to see how it works:

The clear pouches I used on the show can be found HERE

You can even use pouches to keep your luggage organized on a trip or for extra smart mama credit, keep a separate pouch for each kid. Organization on #fleek.

What say you? Do you have a purse organization secret? 

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  2. Kiyya J


    Loved it, especially the body roll after you won! My bags definitely look like your picture and some but I recently combined my girly things (lipstick, eyeliner, etc.) into a cute pouch that came with my perfume and man has that been helpful not only with transition but it keeps me from digging around in the bottom of my bag to look for things. I surely need to incorporate other pouches to make my life slightly easier. Awesome Tip!

    • LOL I’m all about that body roll
      At this point, my life is just a series of pouches 🙂

  3. Kara


    I start off organized every time but by the end of the week it’s a mess all over again. The pouches are a great idea!

  4. Holly


    Good idea small pouches. I feel like I need a smaller wallet. That thing feels like a brick,
    Holly recently posted…Sunshine State RetreatMy Profile

  5. I love this, I want to switch purses more often but don’t because then I have to drag all of my goodies with me. I’m going to try this on out and see how it goes. Great tip.

    I am here for the body roll on The Chew.
    Mimi Green recently posted…A picture is worth a thousand wordsMy Profile

  6. I loved this! And congrats.
    Jay | recently posted…3 Reasons You Experience Dry Hair After A Hair RelaxerMy Profile

  7. tyra


    My purse is hot trash right now so I need to implement these tips ASAP.
    tyra recently posted…Do’s and Don’ts of Glitch Airfare EtiquetteMy Profile

  8. Starkey


    I don’t have a purse organizer. The closest is my lip stick/gloss case to keep them all together. This is a great idea.

  9. Valerie Robinson


    Needed this so bad. My purses a hot mess lol!! Will try out these tips to finally get everything under control.

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