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How to Build a BANGIN’ Shoe Collection

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Hey loves! Today’s ‘Ask The Style Medic‘ question is from Andi, who asks: 

How do I go about starting a shoe wardrobe?

Building a fashionable and functional shoe collection won’t happen overnight (unless you’re ballin’ in which case, let’s go shopping together). Just like your clothes, you’ll  make shoe purchases over time. The key is to make sure you’re spending smart. 

How to Build a Shoe Wardrobe

I clearly have a thing for leopard

Consider your lifestyle

Think about what you spend most of your time doing. Are you a stay at home mom? Do you work in a professional office? Are you on your feet a lot? Answering these quick questions will help you to steer clear of shoes (and clothes for that matter) that just don’t work for your life. If you’re a frequent runner, it probably makes more sense to invest in a great pair of running shoes than to buy a pair of pumps. Yeah, I wanna buy every pair of gorgeous stilettos that I see, but a typical day for me is spent shuttling kids to school then commuting to and sitting in an office. Occasionally, I’ll have an event or a night out that calls for the ‘fancy’ shoes but for every day, it’s a cute flat or wedge for me. 

Start with the basics and build from there

Start your collection with a high quality pair of boots, flats, pumps and sneakers. Once those are covered, think about what else you want to add and why. Do you want a go-to pair of going out heels? Some funky platforms? Ask yourself what purpose they’ll serve and go from there. 

Invest in the good stuff

While I’m all about being Fab & Frugal, I definitely believe in spending a little more in the shoe department. Trust me, when you factor in foot pain and shoddy construction, a pair of cheap shoes will end up costing you more than if you’d spent a little more up front for better quality. Well made classic shoes like a pair of nude or black pumps will take you through many seasons. 

Protect your investments

A good shoe repair person is essential. I have a pair of cognac leather boots that have taken me through at least 3 Fall/Winter seasons because I get the leather conditioned and have the heels replaced when needed. The money spent on repair is a fraction of what I’d spend on new boots. 

Now go forth and shop! I’m definitely a believer that you can never have too many shoes

What say you? Do you have a must-have shoe?

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  1. Dolly


    What is your favorite spot to bargain shop for shoes?

  2. Allison


    Thanks for making me rethink my shoe wardrobe! I'm only being half sarcastic, lol! So many rules… I just like having multiple options. Which is probably why I have just as many shoes in storage as I do all over the house… I might not like the way you just made me re-evaluate my life choices! ?????

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