Chic & Comfy Maternity Style Options that Keep Your Pockets Happy!

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One of the questions that has been coming up lately is how8221044-young-african-american-woman-pregnant-isolated-on-a-white-background to stay stylish while you’re pregnant. Everyone knows that growing a human is hard work and the last thing a woman needs is to look or feel a mess during that time. So for all my preggos, here are 6 tips to keep you looking fly while you prepare to bring your little bundle of joy into the world.

1. Stay true to whatever your usual style is. Just because your waist is expanding doesn’t mean your style has to go out the window.

2. Wrap it up: Wrap dresses are a great choice for work. They allow room for a growing belly while maintaining a professional and feminine look. This style can be paired with a blazer and heavyweight tights for the colder months.

3. Don’t spend a bundle: Thrift or consignment stores are great wardrobe resources for the later stages of pregnancy because you can purchase great quality items that fit your growing belly, but won’t bust your budget.

4. Size (and shape) matters: The last thing you want to do while pregnant is look bigger. Instead of dressing your bump in over-sized billowy tops, try tops and dresses with a little bit of stretch that will accentuate your beautiful baby-makin’ shape.

5. Stretch your current wardrobe: Okay, maybe not stretch as in you squoze (yes, squoze) into your pre-pregnancy jeans, but stretch as in some items can work well into the second trimester. Jeans can be worn with a belly band or similar stretchy tube to help keep your pants up when you can’t button them anymore.Tops that cinch in just under the bust and flow away from the body also work well.

6. Leggings are not your only option: While leggings are easy peasy and can be dressed up or down, a more updated alternative is a maxi skit or dress. A maxi skirt looks a lot less like gym wear than leggings and a maxi dress is seriously the easiest way to look cute and pulled together with the least amount of effort.

Fashionable Maternity Style

H&M Mama sleeveless dress, $38 | H&M Mama Sweater, $39.95 | Mama Licious Skirt, $30 | Floral Wrap Dress, $36.94 | Distressed Maternity Jeans

What say you? What is/was your go to pregnancy style?


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  1. Ohhhh these looks are adorable! I sure wish I had your expertise when I was preggers. But I will definitely point my pregnant friends right to this article 🙂

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