Year in Review: The 15 Most Awesome Things I Experienced in 2015

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I can't believe that it's time to ring in a new year. Seriously, it feels like we just celebrated the arrival of 2015. 

So many things can happen over the course of the year and while many of them are easy to forget some of them are just so absolutely amazeballs that you want to hold on to the memory forever and ever. 

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I wanted to take some time to reflect on just how blessed I am and start 2016 with gratitude. In the spirit of celebrating my victories (big and small) and thanking God for favor, here are 15 of the most awesome things I experienced this year: 

  1. I was featured in AfroElle Magazine: To help kick off 2015, I was featured in AfroElle Magazine where I talked about preparing for the New Year and staying motivated.

2015 Year in Review AfroElle Feature| The Style Medic

  1. An evening with Issa Rae: I’m a big fan of Issa Rae because pretty much everything she does is hysterical. Whether it’s her web series ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ or her ‘ratchetpiece theater’ videos, she gives me the giggles. Getting to chat with her in person was a good time filled with good laughs. 

2015 Year in Review Issa Rae| The Style Medic

When your friends have big natural hair, you might get blocked out of pictures

  1. I joined the DriveShop USA social squad: Sometimes, getting a dope opportunity is a simple question away. After attending the Washington Auto Show, I had the bright idea of putting my own funky spin on vehicle reviews. I’m so glad that I was bold enough to ask and found a company that fits so well with my personality (the cars are a nice bonus LOL)
  2. My Mommy's last chemo: This one is MAJOR. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, my mom had her last chemo treatment in May and my family and I got together to celebrate. She’s now considered an official survivor. Now, we’re just praying that my sister beats this thing soon too. 


  1. Huffpost live interview with Uzo Aduba: Not unlike a bajillion other folks, I fell hard for the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. I fell even harder for Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren and the actress who portrays her. When I had the chance to chat with Uzo Aduba, I was thrilled! The icing on the cake was when she complimented my head wrap. Yaaaas! 2015 Year in Review Uzo Aduba| The Style Medic
  2. I was reunited with my POSSE: No matter what your goals are, having a group of like-minded, supportive people in your corner is vital. I’m blessed to have a bunch of love and support from my accountability POSSE. This year we set aside a day to break bread, catch up on everyone’s progress and goals and offer support where needed. 


  1. I was a guest on ABC’s ‘The Chew’: Last year you couldn’t get me to do a YouTube video. This year, I taped a LIVE segment for a national daytime talk show. NATIONAL. TV. It can only go up from here.

2015 Year in Review The Chew| The Style Medic

  1. I spoke at Blogalicious: If you’re a blogger, you probably already know how huge of a deal this is. Blogalicious is one of the most highly anticipated blogging conferences of the year. Attending was a no brainer but I would never have imagined that my blogging boos and I would end up speaking. It was a really great experience with really great friends. 

2015 Year in Review Blogalicious| The Style Medic

  1. I launched The Style Medic tees: Graphic tees are a wardrobe staple for me because sometimes you just have to wear your feelings. You want the world to know that you’re ‘Bougie & Blessed’ or have a Passion for fashion? Say it with your chest. 


  1. I attended the Steve Harvey SOAR Retreat: Not only did I win a ticket to attend this incredible event, I got to stay a couple of extra days and experience Miami for the first time. The icing on the cake? I met Ginuwine on the plane ride home.

2015 Year in Review SOAR| The Style Medic

  1. I was featured in the Natural Hair Rules!!! Guide to Healthy Hair: Another win for my natural hair. For someone who does the absolute least when it comes to hair, this was a pleasant surprise. 
  2. I got a White House media pass: In November I had the opportunity to be a media guest for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards ceremony at the White House. I’ve been to the White House before (just for a tour) but being invited to be in the same room with the First Lady was next level. 

2015 Year in Review White House| The Style Medic

  1. My kids realized that I’m kind of a big deal: Alright, so maybe not a huge deal, but my kids have definitely taken notice of ‘Mommy’s website’ and all of the fun perks they get because of what I do. They even got to meet the President! It was the Kid President but that’s still impressive. It’s been great to get them more involved and interested in the things I do.

Movies with the boys

  1. I was featured on BET.com: Sometimes a hair disaster can turn into an interesting story that lands you a feature on the website of a major network. At least, that’s what happened to me. 

2015 Year in Review BET Feature| The Style Medic

  1. I got to chat with Angela Bassett: Angela friggin Bassett y’all. The excitement was oozing out of my pores. Definitely a noteworthy moment. 

2015 Year in Review Angela Bassett| The Style Medic

Whew! This year was filled with ups, downs and round and rounds but overall I'm gonna say that I was winning and I'm looking forward to bigger wins in 2016. Let's get it! 


What say you? What awesome things did you do or experience this year? 

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  1. I would say 2015 was a good year for sure. Cheers to an even better 2016.

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