What does your style say about your sex life?

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Don’t be scared y’all but I’m gonna do something a little… different. Don’t freak out, just roll with me.

A girlfriend and I were chatting a few days ago about the connection between a person’s fashion sense and their intimate side and it got me thinking… What does your style say about your sex life? Are my neutral loving divas also beige in the bedroom? Does a bright and adventurous wardrobe hint at a frisky bedroom persona?CoupleKissing

We know by now that your style of dress is an important factor in first impressions, but what else is your style saying about you?

Maybe there’s no connection at all and it’s just one of those things that make you go hmmm. I channeled my inner nerdy girl and did a little research on the topic of style & intimacy and here’s what I found:

Some psychologists suggest a link between a person’s favorite color and their sexual patterns. I won’t even get into what they said about my favorite color, but let’s just say I disagree.

In several articles, the color red was associated with having a strong or aggressive sexuality. Magenta (in the red family) is believed express sensuality.

Boring shoes = boring in the bedroom. When interviewed, some folks made the connection between the shoes on ones feet and their *ahem* bedroom prowess.

And this one is a given:

When you dress better,  you feel more confident and confidence is sexy!

So what say you? Does your wardrobe offer a glimpse into your sex life or is the whole idea a bunch of nonsense? Weigh in!


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  1. Allison


    Well, I never gave it much thought, but now my brain is running away with this one! I would say that “conservative” style equates with conservative bed side manners ( like Bree from ” Desperate Housewives” dating she didn’t receive cunniliguous b/c she was a Republican) and vice versa for “slutty”/revealing ensembles insinuating a woman is equally slutty and/or revealing in the budoir. HOWEVER, there are just add many exceptions to those rules as there are stereotypes! So I’m back at square one, lol!

    • I’d have to agree with Allison in that I never gave it any thought. I would’ve probably never tied the two together but I can see how some of this might be true. Now, I do agree with a part of what it says about my favorite color but not all of it. LOL This was a great post and opened up my eyes…definitely agree 10000% that confidence is sexy! 🙂
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