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Stitch Fix: How to Get Your Best Fix

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A few months ago, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. Stitch fix is a personal styling service that's tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle. The service is pretty low risk; for a $20 styling fee, you receive a box of five items curated specifically for you and you only pay for the items you keep (the initial $20 goes toward your purchase).

My first fix was pretty good; everything I received was nice but I only fell in love with one piece (a super fly pencil skirt).  When it came time for my second fix, I was excited about what  I'd get. Unfortunately, everything was just…meh. There was a lot of navy blue (which I’ve discovered I’m not a big fan of) and the one piece that was a color I loved, just wasn’t my style.

I know it's gonna take a few fixes for the stylists to get a handle of the kinds of things I like so instead of giving up on the whole thing, I decided to do my part to get the best selections for my taste and help my stylists hit it out of the park. And I'm gonna share that strategy with you.

Here are 5 tips on how to get your best fix:

  1. Update Your Style Profile: This is one of the first things you do when you sign up for Stitch Fix. You’ll answer a bunch of questions about your lifestyle and style like and dislikes, but don’t stop there. When I decided that navy blue wasn’t my jam, I went in and updated my profile. This way, my next fix is closer to being exactly the kinds of things I like.
  2. Send your stylist a note: For my second fix, I let my stylist know that I was looking for cool weather friendly edgy pieces and pants with long inseams. Be as specific as you can with your stylists about your wants/needs and you’ll increase your chances of getting five items you love.
  3. Link to your Pinterest board: Y’all know how much I love Pinterest for figuring out and refining your personal style. Linking to your style inspiration board on Pinterest give your stylists a glimpse into the kinds of looks that speak to you and helps them better decide what you might love.
  4. Leave Feedback: If you get items in your fix that don’t tickle your fancy, let them know why. Whether an item is too big, too small or you just plain hated it, giving your stylists specific feedback helps inform your next fix.
  5. Use the App: Stitch fix has recently taken things up a notch and created an app to give you an even better chance at getting your best fix. The app allows you to upload a profile pic so that your stylists can see your beautiful face and you schedule a fix, communicate with your stylist and checkout on the go. The app is only available for iPhone right now, but I'm sure an Android app isn't far behind.

Stitch fix Mobile

Download the Stitch Fix iPhone App HERE


What say you? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What did you think? 


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  1. Allison


    Thanks for the tips! I'm still not ready to go down this particular road, for no less than a hundred different reasons, but when I am ready (cuz I'm predicting in the near-er future I mousy certainly will!), these tips will surely help me to have a more positive experience! 

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