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3 Must-Have Apps for the Frugal Fashionista

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All fashionistas love a great sale!  We also love our cellphones and tablets. They help us find fabulous additions to our wardrobes. What’s even better? An app that helps you find fabulous wardrobe additions at great prices. We’re sharing three apps that will help you find all of your favorite items at the best possible prices. By using these three fabulous fashion apps you’ll never pay full retail price again! 

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Our first fab app is’s ShopStyle app. With the ShopStyle app you can shop all the brands and retailers you love in one convenient place. ShopStyle’s best feature is the ‘sale alert’; This feature lets users select individual items, brands and categories, when the items go on sale the app will send you emails alerts. What’s even better?  It’s absolutely FREE! The app is currently available for both iOS and Android devices.   For more information please visit

The next app we think every fashionista should download is the ShopSavvy app.  If you’ve ever bought something a full price or even on sale but still felt like you could have found it cheaper, this app is for you.  ShopSavvy tracks sales and lets you scan the barcode of an item you’re watching and notifies you when it’s available at a cheaper price somewhere else. ShopSavvy is also our favorite price, it’s FREE! It’s also available for both iOS and Android devices.  For more information please visit

Last but not least is the StyleBook app. Remember Cher's wardrobe computer program on 'Clueless'? This is basically the 2015 version. With StyleBook you can add pictures of all your clothes and put together outfits and combos on the go. You could put together your look for the day before you even get out of bed! StyleBook helps you make the most of your current wardrobe by creating fresh combos and keeping track of what gets the most wear.  StyleBook is only available for iOS devices. For more information check out


Fashionistas what’s your favorite shopping app?



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