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I recently attended the Get Radical Womens Conference where one of the featured speakers was Jean Chatzky. During her keynote, Jean mentioned a challenge she'd taken on which she dubbed the closet 'sixperiment'. Check out the video:

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Could you wear only 6 items for 30 days? Well, a couple of my blogger/business boos, Tonya of My Fab Finance, Aisha of FNPhenomenal and I decided we were gonna give it a shot.

8 for 30 style challengeHoweverbutcomma, the thought of having only 6 items to choose from for a whole month was giving me heart palpitations. Really y’all, I could not compute. So my girls gave in to my crazy and bumped it up from 6 pieces to 8. Still not the 10 piece cluster I demanded begged for but it’ll have to do. This is really gonna be a challenge for me y’all. I’m not saying I’ll cheat, I’m just asking you to look the other way when if I do. Since you wouldn't wear them alone, blazers and cardigans don't count, thankyouverymuch.

I haven’t fully decided on all 8 of the pieces but here’s day one, AKA 2 pieces down 6 to go:Day-One-of-8

You can check out how my girls are handling the style challenge by following us on social media.
Me:  @TheStyleMedic

Tonya: @Financially_Fab

Aisha: @FNphenomenal


What say you? Will you join our little challenge?

What items of clothing could you absolutely NOT live without for 30 days?

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  1. Laura


    I’m in if work clothes don’t count. I was already dressed when i read this, so my first outfit is jeans and a tee. Jeans, not a problem. The tee i am going to get creative with because it has ‘BROOKLYN’ and a big picture of the bridge on it.

  2. Drea Renée


    I hope jeans are part of this cluster. I need relax wear for the weekend!

  3. Rani


    I LOVE that you're doing this. LOVE it. Am I BOLD enough … not sure. LOL. I'd need YOU – The Style Medic – to come to my house and let me know, if I have 8 worthy pieces. LOL

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