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A few years ago, when I dove into the world of fashion and style, I discovered and fell head over heels for the insanely stylish celeb stylist June Ambrose. I was mesmerized by her style (this is where my love of head wraps began) and immediately wanted to know more about this fly fashionista.

So, when I realized she’d written a book about personal style I was all up on it!

Enter ‘Effortless Style’. Here’s a little about the book:


"So you probably won't be attending your own movie premiere or collecting a Grammy Award this year. That doesn't mean you can't "look" like you're ready for the red carpet and fawning paparazzi. In "Effortless Style," June Ambrose, the celebrity fashion stylist and designer who's shaped the looks of some of the biggest names in entertainment — including Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Kelly Ripa, and Mariah Carey — reveals the industry secrets that can help anyone exude genuine star power, regardless of body type or budget. The key to looking and feeling like a celebrity lies in defining your own unique style and adapting it to each situation. The result is a look as natural as a second skin. In clear step-by-step instructions, Ambrose shows how people can improve the way they present themselves to the world, whether it's for a first date or an important meeting, and in turn boost their overall mood and self-confidence. Using examples from her work molding celebrities' images, she teaches women (and their men) how to define and enhance their look, with chapters devoted to topics such as knowing what clothes work for each body type, how to accessorize like a star, the importance of tailoring clothes so that an off-the-rack suit fits like a custom-made Armani, and much more. She offers tricks of the trade — from choosing the perfect lingerie to handling bad hair days — and provides a welcome list of wardrobe essentials and perennial fashion don'ts. With this must-have style guide every woman, whether girl next door or top executive, will be able to unleash her inner VIP — effortlessly."

Here’s the thing. I bought this book back in 2011. I may have started reading it then but I’m a serial book purchaser and not necessarily a serial book reader. Imma get better. I promise. I finally picked it up with the intention to finish it a few months ago and I gotta tell you, it was hard to read. The book felt more like a series of name dropping the who’s who of Hollywood than a practical guide to finding your personal style. So. Many. Names. It’s great that Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston step out looking a certain way, but I’m not them (nor do I have their budgets). There's no place for a fur hat or cashmere jogging suit (really?) in my wardrobe but these are listed as 'essentials'. There's definitely some NY-LA-Fashion-Star type biases up in here. ‘Effortless Style’ isn’t without practical advice though. Ambrose gives tips on creating looks based on your personal style (sexy, urban, athletic, bohemian, etc.) as well as how to play up your assets or draw attention from problem areas.

One of the best lines I found in the book was:IMG_5491

"Every body type is perfect and manageable. We've been conditioned to think that a tall and skinny body is the only mannequin for fashion. However, the focus should be on universal style, as well as knowing and loving the body that you have to work with."

I'm always in agreement with loving and working with the body you have now. Overall, this wasn't a bad book, you’d definitely enjoy it if you’re really into celebrities or emulating their style. Not my cup of tea though.


What say you? Have you read Effortless Style? What did you think? If you do check it out come back and let me know your thoughts!


*I purchased this book with my own funds. This post also contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own*


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