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Traveling Chic: Conference Style!

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If you happen to be one of the lucky lovelies who will be in attendance at the upcoming Blogalicious conference, I just wanna say… I’m jealous! It’s cool though, I’ll see you next year. Anywho, in the spirit of sisterhood and all that is good in the blogging world; I present to you “the damn near exhaustive list of everything you need to be comfortable, chic and prepared during a blogging conference (or any conference for that matter)”. That title seems a bit long so we’ll go with, Traveling Chic: Conference Style.

Traveling Chic Conf Style

* The most important thing to remember when going to a conference? Wear comfortable shoes! You will spend a lot of time on your feet and I dunno about you but I can get downright evil when my feet hurt. Opt for cute flats over towering stilettos.

* Conference spaces are notoriously cold so bring a sweater, blazer or wrap, something that you can layer over whatever you’re wearing.

* The dress code for most conferences is business casual. You will likely only need one outfit per day. If there will be evening mixers or networking parties, consider swapping out flats for flashy shoes (this is when the flashy stilettos come in handy). Trade your toned down conference top in for a sparkly embellished top or add some glitzy jewelry to go from day to night with ease.

* On that note, plan your wardrobe by color. Working with one color palette not only allows you to mix and match pieces, but you’ll also be able to pack fewer accessories since a few pieces will go with everything.

* You’ll need something to carry around your phone, camera, notepad and all the swag you’ll get from sponsors and conference exhibitors. Go for one large-ish tote for conference days (can double as your second carryon) and one smaller purse or clutch for evening.

* Speaking of phones and such… make sure you bring chargers and/or extra batteries for all of your devices. Already packed your charger? Check again. 

Smile! You’ll be meeting brand reps, potential sponsors, joint venture partners and new friends. You only get one chance to make a FAB first impression.

Use a voice recorder (or voice recorder app) to make sure you don’t miss any of the juicy information being shared. Most smart phones have this feature as well.

**Extra credit**

My packing secret: Space bags. You can pack a buttload of stuff in these magical bags, suck the air out of them and leave plenty of room in your suitcase for that (ahem, unplanned) shopping trip! Seriously, genius.

Pack a power strip. Hotel rooms NEVER have enough plugs for all of your electronics.

Save room in your luggage for swag you may get from sponsors and conference exhibitors.

**Extra Extra credit**

Here’s our FREE packing checklist (link below) to make sure you have everything you need to get your conference on! Share and print a few!

Packing List




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  1. Briana


    Way too many great tips here. I'm packing a power strip this year, and watch me make all the friends LOL. Was considering using voice record for sessions, so glad you gave it the OK; wasn't sure if that was cool or not. I'm a grade A packer. But I definitely like the idea of planning my wardrobe out my color. I'll set my mom up for the task lol

  2. This was awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this post. This is my first Blogalicious and I want to be as pepared as possible. See you next year 🙂

  3. Diana


    LOVED IT…;) I'll be sure to apply your tips.. I'm low key doing this but now I'll use more of the style medic way..;)

  4. Ashley


    Thanks for the tips! I will be using those space saver bags! I just bought a few recently from Dollar Tree and they have been great. 

  5. OMG!! I so needed this post. Thank you for the tips. This is my first year attending Be Blogalicious and I want to be prepared as much as I can. See ya next year. 

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