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Splurge or Save? When to Spend and When to Save a Coin #GMW

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When it comes to shopping for closet staples, it can be hard to figure out what’s worth dropping major coin on and what to buy at a discount. So I joined my friends at Good Morning Washington for a round of ‘Splurge or Save’ and spilled the tea on how to keep your cash in check. Watch and see when it’s best to shell out the cash for cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Here’s a recap:


Splurge! Skincare is where you should spend the money because it’s literally the foundation on which your makeup look is built. Complexion products like moisturizers, foundation, concealers, and primers  are worth spending a little more on

Save! With color products like blush, eye-shadow, lipstick etc., drugstore brands offer a variety of shades at affordable prices


Splurge! Winter Coats, Bras, Jackets and Blazer, Suiting

Save! Special occasion and trendy pieces


Splurge! Quality leather shoes that can be kept polished and be repaired if/when necessary

Save! Same as with clothes, save on trendy, special occasion styles


Splurge! Quality leather handbags and accessories

Save! Costume jewelry


  • Ask yourself how often you’re going to wear an item. You should spend less for a special occasion dress that you’ll only wear once, than you would for a winter coat that you’ll wear all season.
  • Splurge on the basics that never go out of style like a classic black dress or a tailored suit
    • Give classics some flavor with inexpensive accessories
  • Look for quality fabrics and flattering cuts
  • Trends are fleeting. Save on trendy ‘ hot right now’ items
  • Cheaper items can end up costing more money because you’ll have to replace them sooner than you would if you bought something higher quality to begin with
  • Do your shopping at the end of the season when clothes are on sale. Shop for out of season clothes and stock up for next year

What say you? What items do you think are splurges vs saves? 

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