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Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial

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I love makeup so much but I really cannot wear it everyday. My skin just won’t allow it and I’m way too lazy . Majority of the time, I typically slap Vaseline on my face and call it a day. But when I do decide to look like I didn’t just resurrect from the dead, I wear a very a natural and healthy look. My main goal is to bring brightness and a natural radiance to my face. I really can’t wear a full face every single day. It can be too much sometimes. I also didn’t even wear lashes! (shocking I know)

For this makeup look, I used all drugstore products because we all know I like to ball on a budget! The favorite part about this makeup tutorial is a new technique I used to bronze my face. To bring back warmth to my face, I usually use a dense brush from Real Techniques which I now realize caused a harsh contour that I didn’t like. This time around, I used a fluffy powder brush to buff the contour onto my skin. When I tell you it was love, girlllll! It looked so natural and effortless. I was really feeling myself the whole time!

If you want to see how I achieved this effortless natural makeup look, watch my video down below!

What new makeup technique are you itching to try?

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