My Hubby Hates When I Wear

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Maybe not ‘hates’… Let me explain.

I love my husband and my husband loves me. What hubs sometimes doesn’t love though is my fashion choices. As I was preparing for an event recently, I asked him (as I always do) what he thought of my outfit.

He looked at my getup which included a sequined top, shorts and high heeled sandals and frowned. He told me that he didn’t really care for the shorts; not because they didn’t look nice, but because he just doesn’t like shorts.

It’s funny how things change when you get married… there are no longer ANY decisions that just affect you. None. Don’t even get me started on when you have kids… I have, on more than one occasion, decided not to wear something because I’m ‘someone’s momma’.

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  1. Anika Vanisse


    I don’t have a husband but my boyfriend DESPISES leggings. He can live without shorts, fitted dresses, mid drifts and plunging necklines ( and vnecks count as plunging). I’m 22! Not to mention we live in the south! I promise the sun burns 10 times hotter in the Carolina’s. I WILL NOT BUDGE on the shorts. However, his logic is; if he’s going o marry someone in the next 3-5 years he doesnt want the whole world watching what he’s plotting on. And THAT is logic I can live with!

    • Husband, boyfriend, girlfriend… whatevs! I LOL’d at the v-neck as a plunging neckline ๐Ÿ™‚ His heart is in the right place though.

  2. Rachel


    Even when I tell myself over and over again, that his opinion doesn’t matter it does…

    I recently purchased a dress and was super excited for him to see me in it. The day comes, he arrives as I’m putting on finishing touches and I couldn’t resist, I said: “How do I look?” His response: “You look alright, I guess.” Needless to say, I changed ๐Ÿ™

    I don’t mind his input but sometimes I have to trust my better judgement and know that I look great!
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    • Ha! Rachel I so feel you on that. I think a big difference between men and women is that we get super excited about things and they tend to be nonchalant. I’m sure you looked great in the first outfit but those men of ours can definitely make us second guess our fabulosity!

  3. Kim Arrington


    It’s so funny there are things in my closet (that I should have donated years ago…cue the show “hoarders”) that I look at pre-fiance’ days and think to myself… “wow, I used to where that..really???” and then there are some things that I come across or see in the store and I think….”wow, I used to wear that…ohhh the good ole days”. Some things I miss just b/c I miss them (i’m like you,everything aint where it used to be)…and then there are some things that I probably wouldn’t cringe over as much if “Mr. soon to be” wasn’t so openly opinionated about them …. “ummm were you planning on wearing that ???”” me – “yea, why, what’s wrong …I think it’s cute”. He smirks sarcastically and says “oh ok..well if you’re cool with it then….” then for me..the infamous change…while thinking hmmm was it too small/tight or was I just looking toooo cute on girls night out…the jury is still out on that one.

    • I definitely understand those thoughts Kim :-)I have looked at old pictures of myself in my single days and thought I could have used another article (or two) of clothing LOL. LOL @ your fiance being “openly opinionated” about your clothing choices.

  4. The Ethiopian 1


    My husband doesn’t mind what I wear, because he says “im a hot piece of A$$”. However, I recently lost 14lbs and he has made several comments about me losing some of that a$$. Lets keep in mind I’m not a big woman but I’m curvey in all the right ways. How am I supposed to take what he’s saying? I admit, i’ve lost some of the assests but I still have plenty. As a matter of fact, I’m now the size that I was when we meet. I just don’t get it he said the other night “I need to feed you more of get you knocked up because I want the fat girl back. Lady T, you know me and i’ve never been at the fat girl stage. I’m thinking my husband needs glasses and a trip back down memmory lane because he couldn’t wait to marry the girl who was about 20 pounds lighter. He married the smaller me but somehow he doesn’t seem to remember her and she now staring him right in his dawg on face. I want him happy but I want my waist happy as well. It hurts when those pants cut deeeeeeeep into your waist, I don’t see how any of us can live with that. Anyway, how do i take that because I’m feeling some kind of way.

  5. I’m betting that your old lady housecoat is more appealing than my spongebob shorts and tank top LOL

  6. I think this is hilarious! When my husband likes what I’m wearing (and he’s not going out with me), his response is “where do you think you’re going” or “who are you going to meet”. If he doesn’t really care for it, he’ll ask “is that what you’re wearing?” Most recently, the latter was followed up with a comment of saying I looked like I was stuck in the 70’s -_- I wore it anyway…
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