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How to Rock Leopard Print

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Today's 'Ask The Style Medic' question comes from April. She asks:

“I have a pair of leopard print heels but I'm not quite sure how to style them. I am super lost on a way to wear them and make them pop without over doing it.”

Ah, leopard. My favorite of all favorites. In most style circles, leopard print is considered a neutral and can work for both day and night. If you ask me, it will never go out of style.

Just like any print though, leopard can be a bit intimidating if you’re unsure about how to rock it. So whether you want your look to purr with a pair of pumps or really roar with a statement piece, here are my 5 tips on how to rock it:

  • If you’re afraid to go full on grrrr!, try adding pops of leopard to a neutral outfit the same way you’d do with color. Complement your outfit with leopard accessories like a belt, bag, shoes or wrap

How to Wear Leopard Print | The Style Medic

  • Do the opposite and go for the bold with one big statement piece like a leopard print coat or dress and keep the rest of your outfit neutral
  • Try mixing prints – Don’t be scurred! I promise it’s not as crazy as it seems. The key to mixing prints is balance. Get more print mixing tips HERE

How to Rock Leopard Print | The Style Medic

  • For the fall, leopard pair beautifully with burgundy. Try rocking your pumps with some burgundy slacks
  • Denim on denim on… Leopard – Denim is another neutral that works well with leopard (or anything) so this combo is a winner.


What say you? How do you rock leopard print? Do you prefer a little purr or a big roar?

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  1. Tyra


    Okay I love this! I never thought I could rock leopard print but I love that head scarf. Clever idea. Not to mention that handbag…Swoon! 

    • You can totally rock leopard Tyra! Even some cute leopard sneakers would elevate an otherwise casual outfit.

  2. Ty


    Great ideas. I especially love the wrap. Super cute.

    • Thanks Ty! I’m all about the headwraps; they’re my go-to ‘hairstyle’ 🙂

  3. Nicole


    Great fashion advice! I never used to be a fan of leopard, now that I live in the MIddle East and had few options for things that fit/cover well, I bought a leopard top that was long and I actually sort of like it now (for here at least lol). Your scarf is Fire.

    • Thanks for stopping by Nicole! Yas to your leaopard top! Sounds like the begining of a new love LOL

  4. Joanna


    I'm super scared to mix prints, but you did a great job. I agree with the pop of leopard like a pop of color. I used to do that a lot when I was younger.

    • Don’t be scurred! The easiest way to ease into it is to mix stripes with dots. It’s like a gateway mix LOL

  5. I'm afraid of mixing prints for some reason. Yet you always do I love it. I need to step my leopard print game up. I think I only have a pair of sneakers.

  6. Leopard is one of my faves – so sassy! Love the looks!

    • Thanks Valerie! It’s definitely a wardrobe staple for me 🙂

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