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Baby I’m a Wrap Star | Chic Head Wrap Looks

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Lemme tell you two things about me that you may as well commit to memory now: 1. I’m a sucker for leopard print and 2. I despise seeing women wearing bonnets/do-rags in public. It’s just wrong. Seriously, when did this become socially acceptable? I’m assuming around the same time folks started wearing pajamas to the grocery store… Alas, I can only address one issue at a time.

Head Wrap Styles | The Style Medic

I have a wrap for every personality , erm…outfit.

I have a confession, I wear a bonnet, outside of my house, but they are always concealed under a fab wrap.

I get asked all the time how I wrap my scarves.  One particularly insensitive coworker once asked “Your head wraps… how the hell do you do that?” After which he began to explain to me how “civilized” Indian tribes adorned their heads *insert blank stare here*. Strange and slightly racist encounter aside, I’m always happy to explain (and sometimes show) people how I achieved a particular style of wrap.

While I could lie to you and say I started wearing head wraps because they are oh-so-fab (and they are), I’ll tell the truth. I’m lazy. When it comes to doing my hair, I pretty much go the route of Sweet Brown… Ain’t nobody got time for that. When I first went natural a few years ago, I had a good loooong run of PJ’ism, hand-in-hair syndrome and the like. After a while, that ish got old, I got bored/overwhelmed with all this dang hair and chopped it off. Short hair is less work, but it’s still work y’all. These head wraps come in mighty handy on the days that I. Just. Can’t.

I pretty much get all of these head wrap ideas from the lovely ladies of YouTube so I won’t reinvent the wheel. Here are some of my favorite head wrap tutorials:

Mlle.CafeAuLait uses her ponytail as a base for  a fab wrap.

Then there's the uber gorgeous Taren. These wrap styles are perfect when you wanna fake a good hair day and leave a lil’ out.

Ambrosia rocks one of my fave wrap styles

So there you have it. A lazy naturals secret to looking cute. These head wrap styles will work for anyone, natural, relaxed, transitioning, long hair or short. Just remember to keep your hair protected under the wrap with a satin bonnet or scarf and don’t forget to keep it moisturized. Happy wrappin’!


What say you? Do you wear head wraps?

What are some of your go-to styles? 

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