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My #NaturalHair Story

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Here are my current color & styling deets:

When it’s time to color, I will do it one of two ways depending on how I feel/how much time I have. For super lazy days I just mix the color into my conditioner. When I have more time I do it the right way. To get my desired color, I have to bleach my hair first.

My Natural Hair Story | The Style Medic

I mix purple and pink together to get the fuchsia-ish color I like.

To style, I use products with natural ingredients so I can get away with only washing my hair every two weeks; Usually on haircut day. All I need is a leave in, a curling cream/lotion and some gel/pomade to keep my fade looking fresh. My current products of choice are You Be-Natural Moisture lock curl lotion and edge tamer.
I took my Insta-fam with me to Sally Beauty to pick up my products.

Now available in select Sally Beauty stores nationwide, You Be-Natural products are designed to promote incredibly healthy hair using ingredients derived from nature.

After washing and blowing out my hair, I used the moisture-lock curl lotion to flat twist.  I usually end up with between 6 and 8 flat twists and I add a small perm rod to the end of each twist. For the hair that’s to short to twist, I use a curl sponge.

Here are the results (after fluffing and a full day of shenanigans):

My Natural Hair Story | The Style Medic

I love that I get the results I want with only two products and my hair is soft and bouncy. To maintain this level of flyness, I’ll sleep on my satin pillowcase then spritz with water and fluff when I wake up. I’ll probably only re-twist once or twice before the next wash day. Like I said, we’re low maintenance over here.

What say you?  Is your haircare routine busy or chill?

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  1. Well I love your natural do!! I am in the process of transitioning primarily because I have been inspired by the process of learning my daughter’s hair and how beautiful natural hair can be. Silly, I know. I simply never really thought of it. But putting my hands in her hair daily and learning all the really fun, pretty things that can be done with natural hair has inspired me to see what can be done with mine. EEkks… we shall see when the protective style is out and I’m all naturale.

  2. Shellz


    I know it’s jut hair but I’m afraid of the outcome sometimes. I’m just saying, I would love to cut it off with no hair on the sides but if I look jacked, I can’t put on a wig. LOL. Brave soul and fortunately it looks good on you!

  3. I love natural hair it looks great on you!

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