Miami & The 2016 Mazda6

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Steve Harvey SOAR retreat in Miami (more on that later). Up to this point, the only parts of Miami I've seen were the airport and the cruise terminal so I was super excited to be able to spend some time in the city.

As an added bonus, my friends at DriveShop and Mazda provided us with the 2016 Mazda6 i grand touring so we could ride in style.
2016 Mazda6

We were met at the airport and given a rundown of all of the awesome features. Lemme tell you… there are a LOT of awesome features. Here are my 5  faves:

1. Navigation: This is the first time I've reviewed a vehicle outside of my home city so the nav came in super handy and was easy to operate. That being said, y'all know I'm a little special sometimes right (remember the fuel door on the Outlander)? It took me a full 5 days to figure out why we couldn't see the nav screen in the daytime. Chile… the lights were on and when the lights are on, the interior lights/display is dim. Apparently so am I.

2. Active Driving Display: The fact that we couldn't figure out the nav screen was no big deal because of the active driving display. This fancy little piece of wizardry not only gives the driver turn by turn directions, it also displays your speed and shows you how close you are to the car in front of you. The most magical part? Only the driver can see it. Sorcery.Mazda6.1

3. Electronic Parking Brake: While this feature was completely unnecessary during our trip, I used it every single time I parked because it tickled me so much. I'd never seen a parking brake that was so crazy easy to use so I felt obligated to give it some love.

4. Telescoping Steering Wheel: As a tall person, I really appreciated the fact that not only could I adjust the steering wheel up and down, but also pull it closer toward me.


5. Power seats with memory: This feature could come in handy if you share a car with someone else. In my case, hubby, is a little shorter than I am and when he drives my car, I have to readjust the seat. In the Mazda6, you can set the memory for two drivers and when you hop in, you just push your number and the seat remembers you setting. Loved this!

Overall, the 2016 Mazda6 was a fun ride. There's plenty of room for the whole family and the fuel economy on this thing is ah-mazing. We were ridin' around and gettin' it for 5 whole days and didn't even get down to a half tank. #Winning

2016 Mazda6

Enough room for the family or your favorite blogging boos

I loved Miami and will definitely head back there soon. Here are some more snaps from the trip:

Sweet Dogs

Day 1 we made a beeline for Sweet Dogs and had the most delicious loaded hotdog that my tastebuds have ever had.

Me n Faye

Latin House

Day 2 We had enormous burritos at the Latin House Grill. Afterwards we had a dessert called balls to the wall. So much yummy!

Me n Chris Miami

Pina Colada

Me n MiMi

Ocean fun with the birthday girl, MimiCuteLips

Footprints in the Sand

I love the beach

Me n Ginuwine

Ran into Ginuwine on the way home


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  1. Miami was a blast, we must do it again. That car was super dope, that secret shade that gave shade to all the passengers but gave you the 411 on your speed and directions was a very nice touch. I love a cute car especially when it is good on gas.

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