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How to Make 24 Outfits from Just 10 Pieces

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Have you ever looked in your closet and thought “I have nothing to wear”? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, wardrobe clusters are One of the easiest (and most wallet friendly) ways to build a wardrobe. A cluster is just a small collection of clothes that can be mixed and matched to create different combinations. The ideal wardrobe will be made up of several clusters that fit your body, lifestyle, and personality. Getting ready every day is that much easier when you know that there are clothes in your closet that look great and can take you anywhere you want or need to go during the day.

Clusters can range from 5 to more than 12 pieces but in the interest of keeping things simple, I came up with a super easy formula that will give you at least 24 different combos. That’s almost a month’s worth of outfit choices!

24 Days of StyleUsing The Style Medic’s formula, mixing and matching these pieces will give you 24 days of style.

American Eagle Outfitters white shirt, $30 | Mossimo blouse, $25 |Dorothy Perkins chiffon blouse, $44 | Mango black sweater, $33 | Labworks white blazer, $45 | Mossimo bomber jacket, $30 | Mossimo pencil skirt, $9.18 | H&M blue jeans, $25 | H&M black pants, $41 | Topshop black pants, $44

Get started in 4 easy steps!

1. Think about your lifestyle – How do you spend most of your time? Clusters can be interchangeable, but plan your wardrobe to fit the activities you do most.

2. Shop your closet – Before you go out and buy 10 new pieces, think about what you already have. The point is to SAVE MONEY! Build around a favorite top, skirt of pair of pants.

3. Choose a color scheme – Start with your favorite color and go from there!  Try combining neutrals like gray, khaki and navy with brighter shades like pink, purple or turquoise. Your collection can have as much or as little color as you like… it should reflect your personality and style!

*A color wheel is an inexpensive and handy tool that will help you decide which colors to pair.*

4Try the Style Medic Formula (pictured) – 4 tops + 1 Sweater + 1 Jacket + 4 Bottoms = 24 Outfits! Add a dress for more options!

What say you? –  Do you have any cluster ready clothes in your closet?


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T. Espinoza is CEO at The Style Medic. She's the Diva next door, the girlfriend who always looks Fab but doesn’t spend a bundle. She works with the active, focused Diva who wants to look fly, save time and most of all, save money. T. can help you streamline your wardrobe, maximize your budget and take your style from flat-lined to FABULOUS!


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