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Wearable Matte Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and already I have seen about a million valentine’s day looks using pink and red eye shadow with crazy designs all on their eyes. But would you wear this eye shadow in public on a date? I know I love my warm browns and golds so that would be totally out of my comfort zone. I basically have made it my mission to create wearable Valentine’s Day inspired looks that are easy to replicate and still go a little (very little) out of the norm.

This is the beginning of my Valentine’s Day series starting with this simple fresh and easy matte look. Most of the products I used are drugstore products such as my holy grail LA Girl Pro Concealer which is only about $2 (what a steal!) and for my foundation I used L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. I usually don’t reach for it but I honestly don’t know why. The finish is semi matte and it’s not super drying to the skin. It also lasts for hours on the face. It almost looks like your own skin.

Something new that I tried as the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Serum. I have had it sitting at the bottom of my makeup collection for months but never grabbed it. I used it underneath my foundation because I wanted to create a dew finish to my face and I LOVE the way it turned out. For eye used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallette. It is so perfect for the Valentine’s Day season there was no way I couldn’t use it! To see how I created this super simple matte eyeshadow look, watch my tutorial linked down below


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  1. Vany


    Girl, I wish doing my makeup came that easy to me. I struggle so much with that and most times I just walk out the house without anything on. Lol! You make the process look easy, and I really like the finished look.

    • Sometimes, I don’t have time to be doing makeup like that, but practice makes perfect. Keep trying Vany!

  2. Danika


    I appreciate soft looks, and seeing it on you is something I would use. Very pretty look on you. I especially loved the price of the concealer. 🙂

    • That concealer is my favorite one! It works so well and it’s so affordable.

  3. It looks like you accomplished your goal of a wearable but beautiful V Day look. Good job!

  4. Nay


    beautiful look!

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