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Do you have someone in your life who no matter the occasion, you just cannot figure out the best gift to give this person? For me, it’s my husband.
Every birthday, anniversary and Christmas is a struggle. This year is no different. I always know exactly what to get for my kids (thanks to their extremely detailed letters to Santa). Shoot, I even know the perfect gifts for the 70 year old dudes I see at Panera everyday (don’t judge me, they’re my boys). Meanwhile… this dude I’m married to though? Not so much.

Enter Gift Advisor.

Gift Advisor allows you to zero in on the perfect gift using age, gender, relationship, interests and profession to search but it gets smarter the more you use it! Using similar learning technology as movie and music recommendation sites and adapted specifically for gift shopping, it gets better with each visit the more you interact. And, you can get specific advice from gift-obsessed editors while you’re searching.

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Basically, Gift Advisor is like Pandora for gift giving. It learns what types of things you’re looking for and offers recommendations based on those factors.

Last week, I got to chat with  Gift Giving expert and Executive Editor of, Dana Holmes about how the site works. She also gave me some great tips on how to find the best gift for mister hard to shop for. Check out our chat here:

What say you? Do you have a hard to shop for person on your list?

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