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Beauty Basics: How to Fill in your Eyebrows

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Imagine people having no eyebrows.


Eyebrows are a staple feature on the face. They come in all different shapes and sizes. And quite honestly, they either make or break your face. Some days, your brows just look like two unhealthy and malnourished commas on the face. They have sparse spaces in between the hairs that make it more and more sickly. The art of filling in your eyebrows gives the illusion that they are full and luscious to begin with. I am an serious believer that doing your eyebrows is a #beautybasic and everyone needs to know how to do it. The best part is filling in your eyebrows does not have to be expensive at all. I am out here bawling on a budget so I really can’t have super expensive makeup items when I can find cheaper alternatives.

In today’s eyebrow tutorial, I showed you how I fill my eyebrows in. It’s a little easier for me because my eyebrows are naturally thick so what I have to go in and do is fill in sparse areas and create a more arched look because my eyebrows are naturally straight across my face like caterpillars. But honestly, my method works for many people, even if you have way less eyebrow hairs than I do.

All the products I used were extremely inexpensive. I used the Colourpop Eyebrow Pencil that only retails for $5 and I’ve been using it for six months and I still haven’t finished the pencil. The pencil contains a crayon-like product that easily glides over the brow; it is also very skinny to which helps with precision and control. I also used my trusty LA Girl Pro Concealers to clean up the edges and my eyebrow ended up looking SO FLEEKY! Man, it was pretty. If you want to see how I filled in my eyebrows, watch the tutorial down below.

What should my next #beautybasic be and why?

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