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Playing Dress Up feat. Warby Parker Glasses

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A couple months ago, I started to notice that after a full day of staring at the computer, my eyes felt tired and my head would be throbbing by the time I got home. It wasn’t until my eyelids started twitching that I decided it would be a good time to visit the eye doctor. Not surprisingly, I was told I needed reading glasses. It’s official, ya girl is no longer a spring chicken… *sobs dramatically*

Anywho, most of the glasses available at my optometrist’s office were just…basic. If I’m gonna be forced to wear spectacles then they need to have some personality. They need to be spectacular (you see what I did there?)! So I decided to head over to Warby Parker for something better suited to my personality: unique and extra.

Lucky for me, Warby Parker has a home try on program where they send you 5 frames of your choice for a real life wear test. The best part? It’s #Free99!

I’m nothing if not a drama queen so I decided that not only would I try on the frames, I’d try on completely different looks for each. I told you, I’m extra. Get into it:

Haley Frames:

Warber Parker Haley Frame | The Style Medic


When I was choosing my 5 frames, I just KNEW I wasn’t gonna like these. The lie detector has determined that was a lie LOL These might be my favorite of the bunch. I love a good cat-eye honey and even though these are described on the site as ‘lavender crystal’ (how sway?) they look clear to me so I’m gonna go with that. These frames paired perfectly with this look. How cute is this grey pixie?! I love.

Laurel Frames:

Warber Parker Laurel Frame | The Style Medic

These frames were cute. I like that they fade into a soft pink at the bottom but otherwise, they didn’t wow me. But get into these curls tho!

Goodney Frames:

Warber Parker Goodney Frame | The Style Medic

Okay so I already told you that I love a cat eye frame. Also-too-as well, purple is my favorite color, so right off the break, these frames were a front runner. After trying them on though, they fell to second place because they weren’t as wide as I would have liked. I wanted them to be a bit more loud and obnoxious.

Kimball Frames:

Warber Parker Kimball Frame | The Style Medic

I’d actually tried on the Kimball frames before because my girl Candice has them and they look soooo cute on her. Not so much on me. I dunno if it was the hair or the frames, but I looked like a mousy librarian who’s living a secret double life. Hard pass.

Everson Frames:

Warber Parker Everson Frame | The Style Medic

All photos by Ondia J.

These were just okay. I like how these fade into a really pretty blue, but the rectangular shape just didn’t do it for me. Paired with this look, I’m serving all kinds of bougie auntie vibes. You know that auntie who ain’t eating just anybody’s potato salad and won’t leave her purse unattended at family functions? Yeah.

We also made a video of my shenanigans… Beyoncé moment and all. Get into it:

I think I found my match but I wanna know what YOU think!

What say you? Which is your favorite style? 

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  1. Kiyya J


    Haley Frames for the win! It helps that what ever I like on your face, I will like on my own since we basically have the same face lol! This post is right on time since I am planning to make my optometrist appointment in the coming weeks and want to get a funky new pair of frames!

  2. Kita


    These glasses are too cute. I love the Haley frames the best. Old world style making a comeback.

  3. Daria


    I definitely love the Haley frames as well on you! I’m looking for a new frame as a matter of fact and will look into this one. I also like that Goodney as well. I want a look that’s fierce and jazzy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love a good cat eye, they never go out of style. The Kimball frames are giving me a sass that I really like.

  5. I love how you dressed these up with different looks! Never heard of Warby Parker before, that’s cool that they let you try them on first. I like the Eversons!
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